Friday, June 12, 2009

Sports Roundup....

I don't have tv back in Erlangen, so I'm pretty darned excited about having CNN international and BBC World News TV here in Frankfurt. No one is better informed than KPC readers, of course, but permit me to give a world sports roundup.

1. Ronaldo to Real Madrid? Really? Un segundo Galáctico? To go with the unfortunately named Kaká? I can't think of any sports figure in the U.S., in any sport, whose move would cause such a furor. I do suggest that we start calling overpaid and underperforming U.S. baseball stars "Galácticos," however. An excellent form of snidery.

2. A wide variety of frenetic light-skinned ectomorphic males scampered across different courts pursuing a fuzzy yellow ball. There are some people who care. I have to admit I don't.

3. A wide variety of different genetic freaks, of many different skin hues and nationalities, scampered around a wood court pursuing an orange leather ball. They play by the same rules as used by the World Wrestling Federation, based on your stature as a player. If Kobe ("Galactico") Bryant misses a shot, the refs call a foul. If a lesser player makes a shot, the refs call a charge. The crowd cheers for their favorites, and the outcome is decided in advance by the participants, and executed in barely disguised choreographed fakery. By comparison, tennis is an interesting sport.

And...that's it for World Sport. Back to Christiana Amanpour for her report on the Iranian election being held today.



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I think that the "Real Madrid "can has all the "galacticos" that they want to have but never will have a real team , the individual performance doesn't win championships!22dd

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Galactico is a good name for every overpaid and under-performing sports athlete. Not just in baseball.

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