Friday, June 12, 2009

A big day in local news here

A pretty big day in local news here in Germany.

1. Boy hit by meteor on way to school. (Really, I think, though the comments here do make it me wonder if this is simply a hoax....).

2. Archeologists dig up 800 year old shoe. (I hope it is not the last....)

3. The Neo-Nazi NPD is picking up seats and votes in local elections. The key issue is opposition to foreigners from the Middle East and from Central Europe. To show you how big an idiot I am, I went to the NPD web site, thinking that they might have an "English" button. But why would they? That would be like the American "English Only" people having a button for "En Espanol."


Anonymous said...

the meteor story is now headline on

Steve in NC said...

Do you find it interesting that the Center Right and Nationalist Right did well and the center left and Socialists lost ground in the European elections?

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Well the first one it's enough for me haha seriously I can't believe it haha