Saturday, June 06, 2009

Found in the closet: Spider!

Me and Mrs. Angus decided to clean up our music collection. Get everything out of the car, from upstairs, scattered around the offices and file them on the rolling racks. Inevitably, there were some things that I didn't know we had / what they were.

The surprise find of the cleanup was "The way to bitter lake" by Spider, which is the nom de music of Jane Herships. This was self released in 2006 and it is *awesome*. A bit like Cat Power or Joanna Newsom, or the Velvet Underground, but unique enough to make me stop what I was doing and go "wow" (there's that word again!).

Second best find was "Fire on the bright sky" by The Low Lows. Also from 2006 and also excellent. Maybe a Galaxie 500 vibe with the Velvets again thrown in? Just real good music.

Both are highly recommended.

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