Monday, June 01, 2009

Mrs. Angus goes off her "rocker"

Mrs. Angus is taking trapeze classes!! I am not making this up!!


Mungowitz said...

You are making that up.

br said...

Hmmm... I believe that both Mrs. Angus and the young lady pictured, are taking trapeze classes. I've never seen Mrs. Angus, but to post pictures of a spring chicken as if she were Mrs. Angus is kind of low dude.

Angus said...

1. Mungo: read the fine print. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP

2. BR: even after 14 years of marriage I still share your incredulity that I am married to whom I am married, but let me assure you that that is indeed Mrs. A

Norman said...

I had always thought the backup plan of joining the circus would come off the table once one got tenure. I will now update my priors according to this new data.

Mungowitz said...

1. You are making that up.

2. Funny you should bring up "spring chicken," BR. Trust me. Funny.

3. That is, in fact, Ms. Angus.

4. Circus? Being married to Angus is a two ring ceremony, instead of a three ring one, but that's the only difference.