Monday, June 22, 2009

Hotel Sublim Eiffel in Paris

The hotel where we stayed in Paris was small, completely anti-geometric, and strange. And we ended up liking it a lot. Sublim Eiffel, on Bd. Garibaldi, in the 15th. Just check the pix on the web site. Somehow, it works.

1. Location. Exactly on the Metro, across the street from the Sèvres Lecourbe stop on the 6 line train. Easy walk to lots of places to eat, several small groceries with wine and other necessities, and a short trip to lots of shopping.

2. Staff. Amazingly friendly and cheerful. Not all of them spoke perfect English, but if there was a problem they would find someone who DID speak English. Now, the staff was better at sympathizing with problems than with fixing them. But...good staff. Quick with more towels, great at answering many questions, even complex ones, about the city.

3. Colors and Layout. The hotel has very few right angles. The rooms are curved, and the showers are...well, the showers are complex. Lights, sound, water from five different possible sources, choosing some or all at once.

The sink... The bed The loo...(yes, that is bright pink toilet paper)

Anyway, we stayed there three nights. Terrific breakfasts, and the whole thing really grew on us. We started out feeling like we were on Mars, and ended up wanting to be Martians.