Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Khan's: Going Down to YumTown

Had a great time last night at Khan's Pakistanisches Restaurant, on Glockenstr.

We get there about 6:45. There is no one else there. Including, it first appeared, any employees. But, it turned out there was one person there: the chef / waiter / cashier / owner. (His name is not Khan, by the way).

I had wanted to go someplace where we could order everything on the menu, and I had heard that the meno at Khan's was short. But, not true, quite a few choices.

(I should note that there was a famous incident about fifteen years ago, where I was similarly peckish. It was in Madame's Organ in DC, where Angus and I and two other people went to an Ethiopian restaurant, and ordered, and ate four entrees with great gusto....and then I said, "Let's do that again!" and we ordered, and they brought out, the entire dinner, four entrees and bread, a second time. To great laughter from the Ethiopean help. They even gave us free liquor. We ALMOST finished round two, I am proud to say).

So, we just ordered four entrees for the three of us. We were hesitating a bit, and the waiter/cook/owner says, "Look, it's okay, I can come back. I've got stuff to do!" I think he meant turn on the lights in the kitchen and start the rice, since he had expected no customers. What excellent food. Stupid cheap, curries and joghurt sauces, fish, chicken, vegetables, lamb (we ordered a considerable amount). Nice hot fresh roti bread.

After ordering, we had visitors. Three engineers, two from Erlangen (nice young ladies) and a young man from Tennessee (you didn't see THAT coming) heard us speaking English, and arguing (that's what we do. Hans-Jorg, Luc, and I argue, in a friendly way, of course). The young man from Tennesee was an intern, visiting their company. We asked them to sit down (a most UN-franconian thing to do), and we all ate together.

One of young ladies didn't speak much English. The other one, though, was hilarious. And she needed to be. Because, inexplicably, Luc decides to go on the attack. After he finds out they are engineers, Luc asks the English-speaking lady, "So, you must be the only woman? And you are STILL not married? What are you doing wrong?" Nice. Young lady is pretty tough, though, and participated in interesting talks about idioms, and local customs.

Tennessee guy and I talkd about being Southern, and the Bible Belt. Then Luc, who is beyond irrepressible, did tell a pretty good joke. "How do you tell the introverted male engineers from the extroverted male engineers?" Answer: "The extroverted engineers, when they talk, stare at YOUR shoes." Then he goes back on the "So, you must have all the guys you want, if you are the only woman. That must be great for you. How come you don't have a guy here tonight, with all those possibilities?" (I think I know why Luc is not married.)

Young woman (she really was quite tough) laughed, and said her boyfriend was living in Kansas just at the moment. And men weren't that useful, anyway. Then, she explained the product that her company made, quite an interesting thing. A hardware product that runs their proprietary software to run simulations on transformers and relays in power systems, to both forecast outages and manage outages when they occur.

A most excellent dinner. And, an impromptu party, to boot.

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