Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bob Lee Says

Terrific column by my bud Bob Lee.

UNC Boss Holden Thorp is a friend of Bob's, so he's not taking cheap shots. He's just calling the corners.

Here is the hate crime report, on TV.

But it was a hoax. Just totally faked. HuffPo huffed and puffed about the "hate crime," but then when it turned out to be fake HuffPo actually had the gall to say "allegedly faked." You gotta like that: There WAS a hate crime, for sure, but then it was "allegedly faked." Why not "alleged hate crime" in the first place?

So, to review: this was TOTALLY made up, fabricated. And all the haters line up and say, "This fits the pattern. This proves my biases are correct. Only the government can solve this problem."

The truth is that the idea of a hate crime is idiotic. There are crimes. Prosecute them. But don't make stuff up. Or you give reasons to people who want to make stuff up just to get attention.

Assaults do happen. But stuff like this just makes it harder for the actual victims to get justice. And UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp should be ashamed.

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Richard Stands said...

The good people at Thinkpol, the Ministry of Love, and HuffPo are ever vigilant. I am always reminded of that book and George's newspeak thoughtcrime when I hear about "hate crime". If there had been an assault, why wouldn't a charge of aggravated assault have been sufficient? Can rule of law survive criminalizing thought?

But of course, neither the assault nor the thought actually took place.
So this makes it a....Hate Hoax?