Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm not sure the last sentence of the abstract makes sense to me....Really?

Gender and the Influence of Peer Alcohol Consumption on Adolescent Sexual Activity

Glen Waddell
Economic Inquiry, forthcoming

Abstract: I consider the alcohol consumption of opposite-gender peers as explanatory to adolescent sexual intercourse and demonstrate that female sexual activity is higher where there is higher alcohol consumption among male peers. This relationship is robust to school fixed effects, cannot be explained by broader cohort effects or general antisocial behaviors in male peer groups, and is distinctly different from any influence of the alcohol consumption of female peers which is shown to have no influence on female sexual activity. There is no evidence that male sexual activity responds to female peer alcohol consumption.

(Nod to Kevin Lewis)


Tom said...

"There is no evidence that male sexual activity responds to female peer alcohol consumption." I think I understand it. It says sober guys don't fuck drunk girls. I don't believe it, but I understand it.

b said...

Really? To me it says that males are indifferent: they're rarin' to go regardless.

Gerardo said...

If sexual activity is on the Q axis with men D and women S, doesn't this mean that the D doesn't shift when girls are all boozy? That is, a movement along rather than a shift.

Flying Giraffe said...

What 'evidence' does he think he will get? Does he follow them around and watch? Does he interview them, expecting remotely accurate, honest responses from either males (exaggerated) or females (whatever is the opposite of exaggerated)? Sheeesh.

Has academia run out of things to think about?