Monday, April 18, 2011

Microfinance Fail

Interesting to learn about microfinance.

Which is the reason I love doing podcasts with Russ Roberts. I learn a lot. Because Russ has this $%&#$ing habit of asking questions I can't answer.

So, I give you the most recent podcast on EconTalk, Roberts & Munger on microfinance.


rmv said...

Munger + Roberts = Podcast Gold

MF said...

Negative interest really caught me by surprise. Great podcast, as always.

Richard Stands said...

Always my favorite EconTalks.

Anonymous said...

You are cool.
Hope the eye-surgery you mentioned, was OK?

-Dave (Sydney)

Jon said...

Any chance you guys will do a live session some time? I imagine you two could really work a good audience.