Friday, April 29, 2011

Not So Fast, II

So, a schmuck in the audience tries to make the Krugman point, and cites Krugman as an authority. Hilarity ensues.

P-Kroog is a punch line, a clown. And it is not because he is dumb; far from it. He is completely unconstrained by facts or logic. I think P-Kroog actually believes he has evolved into pure energy, and need no longer worry about petty things.

(Nod to Leonard S)


Tom said...

This is hard to believe: the speaker was serious, thought he was adding credibility to his point.

But all the budgets I've heard about have an element of fraud. The pretense is that we're not spending ourselves into oblivion.

Mr. Overwater said...

I'll put money on Krugman's predictions over Mungowitz's* any day.


I think I'd also take Krugman's overall empirical claims (which are different from predictions, of course), but both he and Mungowitz work from data more than many of their opponents.

* Feel free to ask for examples!