Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interesting View on Economics of Drugs "Wars"

Angry Alex sends this interesting podcast, on Planet Money's interview with a former seller of drugs.

A disturbing implication: "Freeway Rick" was not selling drugs as some kind of social protest. He was selling them because they were illegal, and that's the way to make money.

So, if some drugs were legalized, then poor but entrepreneurial folks would just sell something else. Right?

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Mike said...

If drugs were legalized, guys like Freeway Rick, who are forced to the finge of the economy, for various reasons, good and bad, will be selling medical care to old people who don't want to wait in line.

I go back and read that line, submitted only because I'm a smart aleck and I realize there is a lot packed in there.

What about drugs, like that pregnancy drug where the FDA granted a monopoly and the price went way up?

Do you really need to pay both a physician and a pharmacist fees to get your Viagra?

There is a lot of overhead that Freeway Rick can cut out of the system. Lots of opportunity here.