Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kids Prefer Cheese: The Name

Look, kids prefer cheese over fried green spinach.

In other words: Kingdom...Phylum...Class...Order... Family...Genus...Species

It's a nonsense mnemonic. Lebron suggested we try an obscure mnemonic, because it makes someone who sees it think, "That familiar. Where have I heard that?"

Our second choice was "Yams! King of Crops." An homage to the Mt. Goats, and also to Lou/Armand, RIP. We leave it to you to decide if we chose wisely.

So, instead of asking, "What does it mean?" now you can ask "Why are you both so mean?"


Anonymous said...

Oh crap! I thought you guys were just weird, in a clever sort of way. I didn't know you two were assholes.

chaze said...

hehe, so WHY are you both so mean?