Saturday, April 16, 2011

Selfish reasons to NOT have (more?) kids

Ah yes, kids are cuddly, fun, look like you, and are impervious to your attempts to influence them via expensive or time consuming parenting techniques, so just, chillax, be fruitful and multiply, and enjoy the floor show, what could go wrong?

More than half of baby boomer mothers in the United States support adult children financially and 60 percent are the person their offspring go to when they encounter problems, according to a new survey.

Of women with children over age 18, nine percent said they had adult children living back home for indefinite periods. Twelve percent were primarily responsible for their adult child or children's financial well-being and 31 percent said they had children who returned home, relied on them but expected to become independent.

People, can I get a Yikes!!??

And of course you can't argue that you would raise your child not to be such a shameless leech, because, as we all know, parenting doesn't affect how kids turn out!


Anonymous said...

so easy for a non-parent to say

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a parent, so I get to say something, right? He/she is right.

I can't tell you how many parents make excuses for their 16-18-22-25 year olds, give them money, pick up their dirty underwear and then wonder why they don't leave home.

I've literally been told I'm a heartless witch for pointing out that if you want your adult children to leave, you need to lay down some rules that would motivate them to do so. Huh?

Problem is that everyone wants to be "buddies" with their kids (Please, don't hate me!!! Here, have some money. We're good, right?).

Good parenting will not turn most everyone's Joe Average kid into some sort of Harvard genius. (That's what everyone is attempting to do with endless tutoring, soccer practice, etc. That *is* pointless.) It can, however, turn out polite, independent children. Who leave vaguely soon after puberty.

Worse, it's not even that "hard", although it does require effort. You need to a)act civilized yourself and b) grow a pair (not that I can) and assume that what's best for little Johnny will not always immediately make him happy.