Friday, April 22, 2011


Well, we never really meant you HAD to switch to CFLs. All we did was make standard bulbs illegal. "Table for Mr. Freude! Table for Mr. Schad N. Freude!"


Nod to Angry Alex.

(Lagniappe: A commenter from the article... Me, I eschew all CFLs and use my trusty 40,000 year old, never failing fire torch dipped in endangered species fat. Keeps burning forever or until I bag the last one and have to move on to another! Provides heat, light, natural aroma and is a great dinner time conversation piece next to the stuffed head on the wall. Ta heck with those oil / gas derived spaghetti twirls. Give mah a good heated light source any day 'n' save mu dang fuel oil bill. So if we have nukes, wind turbines, etc. whats the point in saving electricity anyway??? Anyone who has used CFLs knows how poor they are at doing the job. And darn if they don't pollute way way more than normal bulbs do. The moronic non-logic of spinach for brains environmentalists and pink of centre liberals! Some one otta shoot the lot of them and save the planet for the rest of us. Yehaww! )


Tom said...

CFLs are poisoning me as I type. My beloved LEDs must be disposed as toxic waste. Getting light from a white-hot wire wil cause 50 million refugees by 2010, err, 2020. Candles emit soot; soot causes cancer.

It's back to the dark for all of us.

james said...

I refuse to have CFLs - the light from them is atrocious.
I use Halogens or I buy old style bulbs from a man I know ... ;)