Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday's Child is Full of Links: Information

Fed dumps data on bailout. (Nod to Anonyman)

Very tough love. In fact, idiotic. (Nod to Angry Alex)

One third of women admit they would give up a year of life for perfect body; other two thirds of all women are lying. (Nod to L. Smith)

This idiot thinks people can do time series regressions in their heads. (Nod to Kevin Lewis)


Hasdrubal said...

I like how they multiplied the temperature anomaly by 100 when graphing it.

I'm sure changing the scale of the Y axis while leaving the X axis constant won't have any effect on eyeballing a trend.

Anonymous said...

"Very tough love" link is the same as the "Fed dumps data on bailout" link. Nuanced commentary or user error?

Mungowitz said...

Thanks, Anon! Fixed now. So, *I* am an idiot, also.

Anonymous said...

Dammit. And to think I suffered through 5 econometrics courses in grad school. Who'dathunk you could just eyeball it.

Gerardo said...

I would give up 20 years to play Major League Baseball for a few seasons.

Pelsmin said...

And if the climate scientists play ominous music in the background, people can rotate the matrices in their heads and infer the likelihood of polar bears drowning.