Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Dumbest Woman on Earth

I give you... Maruja. (In Spanish. You can figure out what's going on. "Seis" means "six." You can see why that might be a problem. "No hay un seis! Maruja!"

I find it amazing that versions of the "Eurojuego" work, all over Europe. After midnight, the female "hosts" are topless, and well built, in Germany at least. They have dumb number problems (for example, 7 + 4 - 9 = ?), but charge .40 Euro or more per minute. So you hang on the line, and they choose randomly. Lotteries are illegal, but since this is a game of skill (the answer is TWO!) this is legal. Some channels, like NuenLive, show little else.

La Eurjuego appears to be an actual game of "skill," however. But Maruja has not the skill to win. Not even the skill really to play, apparently. Maruja!


the ill given bird said...
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the ill given bird said...

WOW... That is so painful. I would have hung up on the idiot woman (or told her to turn the TV off!).

Mungowitz said...

Well, the poor girl did TRY to get Maruja to turn off the TV. There was not a lot going on there, on Maruja's end.

Picking C5, B5, then C6, B6, then C5 again....I think she needed the TV to see.

The hostess was pretty patient. I liked the dancing to pass the time. A Latina instinct.