Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LeBron on Compassion by the Pound

Interesting article on humane treatment of animals.

If it matters, Chez Mungowitz has gone over to cage-free eggs. Not expensive. Not sure they taste better, but for such a small price why not have more humane treatment. Angus is much closer to totally free range, because Chez Angus buys only free range chicken and beef. (Angus doesn't like seafood or pork) (Never mind; inside joke).

Of course, we also eat deer. Humanely killed deer, which means hunted by responsible expert marksmen. Happy, totally free range deer to dead deer in less than 10 seconds.

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james said...

Good for Mike. More libertarians should speak out against animal cruelty. They seem afraid to in case it brings them any talk of 'rights' for animals.
Animal cruelty disgusts me; I made the same decision that you did. I hope more libertarians do.