Monday, April 18, 2011

Question: Why Do Liberals Favor Tax Increases?

Why do lefites favor tax increases?

Because they assume that the law doesn't actually APPLY to them.

Eric Holder the latest Obamatron to say, "Who, me? You actually wanted ME to pay?"

I suppose there's no reason the Atty General should have to obey the law.


mr. overwater said...

I really dislike when the posts on this blog descend to demagoguery. The article that you link to says nothing about him having that belief and I doubt that you really think he does.

The article makes a much more interesting and useful point that the tax code is so convoluted that it that even experts don't know what's correct.

Anonymous said...

Overwater makes a good point, Mike. If you go with that title, you probably need to also provide an example of Holder's affection for tax increases. We <3 KPC for the honest entertainment.