Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laguna San Ignacio

This video was taken and edited by Mrs. Angus during our trip to Baja to see the gray whales last March. I had to lobby her heavily to agree to let me post it, because the footage is often shaky, due to (a) the movement of the boat and (b) the excitement level of the videographer. It is almost 4 minutes long and the most spectacular footage is at the end.



Melanie B. said...

Can you repost video? It says it's a private video.

Angus said...

Sorry! Should be public now.

Michael R Roberts said...

It`s definitely worth waiting the end of the video.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if whales feel curiosity about life "in the atmosphere", like humans wonder about space. Are beaching whales just "Mars exploration" gone horribly wrong?

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