Monday, June 14, 2010

So wrong in so many ways

People, what's the creepiest part of this photo?

The pic is from here and the site is highly recommended.

Hat tip to Andy Roddick!


David said...

Future Dukies

Shawn said...

Creepiest part? That I had that haircut 20 years ago in central florida? no?

I think I still have a FL license to prove it: thankfully it's locked away in a smorgasbord of juvenile nonsense.

Shawn said...

and now, 12 minutes later, I have to close this computer down and move to another non-connected laptop so that I can finish my work before class. I have laugh-tears in my eyes: seriously, thanks for the new regular stop on the metro of my web life.

A Conservative Teacher said...

The guy's sort of weird hair head.... that's the creepiest part.

Angus said...

I agree guys, the absolutely creepiest part is the dad's "haircut"

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