Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starbury is gettin' it done in China

I really didn't think he'd stick it out, but Stephon Marbury is tearing up the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association), with as much passion as David Stern is showing tearing up his CBA (collective bargaining agreement).

His last game was a 26 point, 12 rebound, 13 assist triple double that was almost a quadruple double as he also had 7 steals.

He is averaging 21 points, 6 boards, 10 dimes and 3 steals.

His erstwhile last place team is on the verge of making the playoffs.

At least I think this is the case.  My source is in French and my French is beyond rusty.

Hat tip to Lebron!

Friday, February 26, 2010


OMG, OMFG! Glenn Beck actually did the Nolan Chart on the air.

I was riding an exercise bike at the gym, and saw it up on one of the screens. I started pointing and grunting loudly. No one noticed, though, because I often do this.


Try this, instead.

Very cool.

Bob Lee's Account

My man Bob Lee gives his account of the "meeting" we had with Erskine Bowles.

I pass it on without comment, except to say that it's all true.

There are two short movies attached to this post, one to document my big self sitting next to Erskine (which no doubt means that he has no future in electoral politics, in spite of his considerable talent as a finance and budgets guy), and the other to document the young lovelies in whom Bob Lee expressed a paternal interest (a health concern, since they had all had navelectomies). As for me, I never noticed the cheerleaders, being so horrified by the uniforms of the (so-called) players out on the floor for UNC.

Oh, yes, and there was a game.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roasted Euro-Weenie

"You have the charisma of a damp rag, and the appearance of a low-grade bank clark."

Nobody can ream you a new one like a Brit MP. Even a Brit MEP.

Well played, sir.

(Thanks to Tommy the Gotta Be Brit)

Dan Lee: Mixed Martial Artist

A picture of my boy, Dan Lee, at MSU. Posing.

Where to put your money, non-Mungowitz edition

Apparently someone asked Mungo this question recently and he didn't like his own answer. Well, no one asked me, but here is what I think:

the BRICs

Asian Tigers


Those would be my choices if you have the onions to be bold.

I am not a big fan of US and European equities as a group, US interest rates can only go up, which means bond prices can only go down.

What are your best investment tips?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The End of Rickrolling?

At first, it appeared that Rickrolling was going to be harder.

But, as the update at bottom points out:

UPDATE: Rejoice! Google says that the Rickroll was flagged mistakenly: "With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we count on our community members to know our Community Guidelines and to flag content they believe violates them," a statement from the company read. "We review all flagged content quickly, and if we find that a video does violate the guidelines, we remove it, on average in under an hour. We also have a team that is dedicated to identifying and removing spam from YouTube. Occasionally, a video flagged by users or identified by our spam team is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring video or videos that had been removed."

That's pretty plausible. With all the annoyances of the Rickroll prank, I bet more than a few people flag it as spam every day.

So, if you have never been Turn it up.

And if you want to Rickroll Like Teen's your lucky day.

(Nod to Angry Alex, who probably is angry because he got Rickrolled once too often. A man can only take so much....)


Heavy Weather: Two Feet of Snow Forecast!

My Hero

Giving a talk in Denver on Friday. Working on polishing my presentation, but it will probably turn out like this:

YIKES! Run while you can.

Why 3k?

Tomorrow night, Thursday, at 10:30 pm EST, the clock will go below 3,000!

That is, I will have less than 3,000 hours of remaining Chairitude.

Please do raise a glass of your favorite adult beverage, even if it is milk, and remember back with Oliver Wendell Holmes: Three terms of an imbecile is enough.

Markets in everything: How to laugh in Oklahoma edition

Oklahoma now has our very own "laughter coach"; an individual named Tyler Slater. 


Here's his blog.  

There was a short segment on laughter yoga in the mildly entertaining documentary "Enlighten Up", but I think this Okie entrepreneur is doing something different. 

His ad says, "laughter coach Tyler Slater brings fun, variety, education and lots of laughs to your wellness programs, stressed out employees, corporate events...."

Now there are a lot of areas us Okies could use to get coached up in, but, based on my 10+ years of experience, laughing is not one of them.


Bumper Sticker Rorschach Test

Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli are said to have used “ambiguous designs” to test the creativity of art students by asking the student to describe what they saw. Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach used symmetric ink blots to reveal subjects’ unguarded thoughts.

We have a bumper sticker on the Lincoln that seems to be a Rorschach test, also.
What I mean is that each person's reaction to the bumper sticker actually reveals more about that person than anything else.

Last night, the LMM went to the grocery. Came home, and we found this tucked under the windshield wiper. Now, we appreciate the sentiment. And it's nice it's written in purple crayon, on the back of fast food restaurant "color me" sheet; clearly the writer is a mom, with a young child. Thanks, ma'am. We are glad we are not alone!

But.... It should be noted that the bumper sticker was put on that car in 2004, and the bumper sticker refers to the Patriot Act, the federalized War on Drugs, the War in Iraq, and so on. It is quite true that the bumper sticker applies equally to the Obama administration. But I'm not sure we would get the "great american" moniker if our fan knew the actual origins of the sentiment expressed.

Dr. Rohrschach would be proud.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tommy the Driving Brit Visits Stata

College Stata-tion may never be the same....

Fat, Populist, and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Politics, Son

For some blue-state conservatives who honed their political skills by continuously debating liberal peers, mingling with attendees presented unique challenges. Jesse Eiseman and Tyler Trumbach, who came from Columbia University to attend the conference, interrupted a spirited debate over the fall of the Roman Empire to complain to The Daily Beast about the anti-intellectual bent of fellow conservatives at CPAC. 'They have an opinion, but they don't give evidence to back it up, they don't use logic,' Trumbach said. Eiseman added, 'In a lot of ways I feel closer to left-wing intellectuals...I love the populists, I agree with them on many things, but I am scared of what happens when people stop thinking.' The two quickly took to hiding their name badges showing their college in order to avoid ridicule after speakers trashed academic elites onstage. 'There are a lot of anti-Ivy Leaguers around,' Eiseman said....For all the differences between them, however, most attendees said they felt little tension with their fellow conservatives on a personal level.

“We respect each other's viewpoints,” Travis Korson, a George Washington University student, said. “You just don't talk about things you disagree [about].”
[Benjamin Sarlin, The Daily Beast]

If having been to college is embarrassing, the "movement" has a problem. (Nod to Kevin L)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Repeat after me: Opportunity Cost

Holy half-wit, Batman! This person has zero concept of opportunity cost.

Hard to tell, exactly, but I think the implied value of this person's time is about $6 per hour. So, if you are making minimum wage, by all means take his advice.

Otherwise, read this,
and stop shopping once you have to make a new reservation for $1 decrements in plane fare.

Markets in everything: Lactation edition

People, meet Freda Rosenfeld, the "breast whisperer".

Freda is a "certified lactation consultant" and for $200 she will come to your house and teach you how to nurse your baby.

How is it possible that someone could actually earn a living by consulting on what has been a fairly natural and instinctive act in mammals for millennia?

Because of people like this I guess:

“Once you go home from the hospital, you’re on your own with this little alien creature, and you have to figure out how to keep it alive,” Ms. Brill, 39, recalled of her daughter’s birth 16 months ago. “So you put it on your nipple and wait for it to eat, and hope all is right. But you really have no idea. Are they doing it right? Are they not doing it right? Are they eating enough? Are they starving?"