Friday, June 04, 2010

here be monsters

It is really freakin' hot here in Angusland. Dry too. Luckily for us, our local newpaper has decided to publish water conservation tips.

Like this one:

"When you give your pet fresh water, don't throw the old water down the drain. Use it to water your trees or shrubs."

People, can I get a WTF?

What kind of pet does the Norman Transcript think I have, a full grown African elephant? A camel?

Would my shrubs really notice the remnants of my dog's quart sized water bowl getting dumped on them at night?

With Cochlear Implants, Little Jonathan hears his mama

It's pretty easy to make me cry. This did it. (Nod to the NCM)

Who's on first?

The "heard on the street" section of today's WSJ reports that Greek tourism workers had scheduled a press conference to announce a strike, but realized at the last minute that the Greek journalists were already on strike and thus unlikely to attend the conference, prompting its postponement until such time that the journalists might be available.

Whatever the over/under is on Greek default, I'll take the under.

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

Observatory as R2-D2. Story.

Here is a video. Odd that it is 90 degrees rotated. Still, not bad.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bill Lumaye Show

Did Bill Lumaye show, 4-5 pm on Thursdays as always.

Talked about LLRW decision (which I used to work on, with Dennis Coates...especially these papers from long ago...

Coates, D., and M. Munger, Strategizing in Small Group Decision Making: Host State Identification in the Southeast Compact, Public Choice, vol. 82 (1995), pp. 1-16.

Coates, D., V. Heid, and M. Munger, Not Equitable, Not Efficient: U.S. Policy on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, vol. 13 (1994), pp. 526-541.

Interesting that the Sup Ct finally decided that the NC could keep the $80 million they stole.

But then we talked about....of course, Armond Galaraga. Callers leaned toward "leave it be," and Dutch Boy wrote an email to the same effect. Dutch Boy said:

For the record: keep the bad call from last night, painful as it is. I hate even the instant replay on the homers.

I don't know. I agree about the bad call being uncorrectable. But the home runs thing is easy to fix, and doesn't take long.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Euvoluntary II

I presented the Euvoluntary Exchange paper (informally) today at the IHS Liberty and Society Conference.

Anyone who wants a copy of the paper can find it here...




My man, Joe Ramiro Garcia has taken things up a notch with his latest exhibition. He is going all Edward Hopper on me! Mrs. A and I have 4 of his earlier paintings. This is perhaps my favorite of those four:

Here are a couple from his new exhibit, which is opening this weekend in one of my favorite galleries:

See what I mean?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Duke 2, Indiana 0

NCAA title games....

Duke 2

State of Indiana 0

I'm just sayin'.

Lean on your Staff

A little piece on working with staff, in the CHE.

I was NOT good at this, at the beginning. And I'm still not, let's be honest. It's hard to do well.

This cartoon is all too accurate, I'm afraid...
But I wrote down the things I now know would make me, or anyone, a little better at figuring out how to work with a staff in an academic department.

Not the Onion: MILFs get pounded

Okay, yes, the fact that I find this funny means that I am a bad person.

But I find it funny: "Air Force pounds MILF lairs with rockets." (And including "MILF" several times in a post will improve our hits dramatically....)

(Nod to Angry Alex)

When enough is enough

I am not a big fan of the "must get 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff" electoral system in Presidential Democracies.

Consider the current case of Colombia:

Santos got 46.5% and his nearest challenger, Mockus, got around 21.5%.

Where I come from, people, that's an ass-whoopin'.

There's no need for the time and expense of another round of voting.

Couldn't you make the runoff conditional?

Like if one candidate gets 40% or more and more than twice as many votes as the second place finisher, then no second round will be held?

Shouldn't Mockus just back down now and accept that, in the words of Mo Udall, "the voters have spoken, those bastards!"

Whats wrong with just letting the highest vote getter win, regardless of their absolute percentage, like the USA and Mexico?

Lib Nat Conv: Back Now

Whoa. The LP National Convention was pretty darned tiring. Didn't help that we had to drive Raleigh to St Louis to Raleigh. That's 1,700 miles for the round trip.

But we got to see some great stuff. I enjoyed giving the main banquet speech (Neil Boortz out, Munger in! Strange...), and Dr. Mary Ruwart did a terrific job raising big $$ for ballot access.

We elected a new LNC.

And, of course, Starchild was in the house. This outfit, I thought was a tour de force. (Picture from Mike S., who is the one wearing the blue sirt, and no top hat).

I feel I have to explain about Starchild. He is beloved, and rightly so. Sure, the way he dresses is a bit over top / under the bottom / whatever you want to say. But he is amazingly charismatic, gentle, and serious. His message is of real brother / sisterhood, and that you have to look past the outside, whether it's skin color or feather boas (or, as in the picture above, a big black bow tied like a present over a black silk thong) to see the real person. If that is not the core of libertarianism I don't know what is. Starchild is the best, seriously. (And the ladies in our delegation were pretty vocal in their admiration of Starchild's hard work at the gym, and were glad that he was willing to share it publicly. Some things are complex, and some are simple. Starchild is mostly pretty simple, in the best possible way...)

Elderly prof ISO a sexy E-reader

People, I need help. usually when I travel I pack a boatload of books that brutally weigh me down. For example, on our trip to Brazil last summer, Mrs. Angus and I brought 12 books.

So I guess that makes me a candidate for an e-reader.

But, the marketplace is pretty confusing to me. Kindle? Kindle DX? iPad? Kindle for iPad? Nook?

Can you guys break it down for me and help me out?

Are there extra costs beyond the machine and the book downloads, like data transfer costs / contracts? How much worse is the iPad screen for reading than the Kindle's? What is battery life like? How rugged are these products?



Monday, May 31, 2010

Half a loaf

Been listening to the debut album by Surfer Blood called "Astro Coast".

It is basically half of a stellar album. The first six songs are all good with three that are really excellent (Floating Vibes, Swim, & Twin Peaks).

They sound a lot like the Shins circa "Oh Inverted World" (one of the great indie albums of all time by the way).

Then they go and spoil it all with track 7, a weird rip-off of "I'll stop the world and melt with you" by Modern English. It is really atrocious, people.

The rest of the record never recovers.

At the least, I can wholeheartedly recommend getting the three awesome songs. I am putting the first six tracks onto my Iphone.

The rest is pretty bad.

Here's the video for "Swim"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch me at the border, I got visas in my name

Extensive profile of M.I.A. in the NY Times Sunday Magazine. This one is a bit better than the ridiculous puff piece on the National a couple weeks ago. Word is that Maya A. didn't like this piece one little bit.

She doesn't come across as an overall genius, but she certainly is a pop genius. "Galang" and "Paper Planes" are two of the best songs of this century.

What the Hex?

Why in the world would Josh Brolin do this?

He has been in some tremendous movies. Why this?

A diet that works: Stop eating and run 15 miles a day

I was going to make fun of Fitty Cent.

But what he did was actually really cool, and impressive. Psychotic, but for a fat man like me, who is always "trying" to lose weight...generally by eating bagels and imagining that I am excercising....well, major props to Fitty.