Sunday, November 06, 2011

Adam Kokesh

There is in fact a danger in supporting the Iraq War, either as a Krugmaniac growth strategy or as good foreign policy.  Not only will you be wrong, you will also sound like a moron.

Full disclosure:  I know Adam Kokesh pretty well.  It's quite true that he's an extremist.  In the sense that he says stuff that is clearly correct that most people have no idea how to respond to.


LowcountryJoe said...

With regard to Iraq: rewind back to 2002 -- when Hussein kicked out weapons inspectors for the second time in the last four years. With the intelligence the U.S. had; with numerous U.N. resolutions passed and breached; with Hussein's posturing; with the U.N. Security Counsel not willing to follow through with #1441; with U.S. already having turned-the-other cheek to China when they downed one of our planes in March/April of 2001; with us having the appearance that we were weak and vulnerable after being attacked in September of 2001; with troops having been gathered to the region to show some teeth that we were ready to topple Hussein, what should the U.S. have done? Perhaps you think we shouldn't have gathered the troops to begin with nor tried to enforce the cease-fire agreements made post Desert Storm. What should the U.S. have done?

Tom said...

Yes, the U.S. should charge other countries where we have troops stationed... exactly the way that King George charged the colonies for the cost of British troops stationed in North America. (That turned out well.)

Tom said...

LowcountryJoe, finding the right thing to do is quite independent of what others may think. Bush père screwed up the cease fire at the end of Gulf I, that's true, but Bush fils did not have to accept that and make it worse. It was a great opportunity to point out that we are not the enforcer for the UN. Of course, both the Bushes were about as stupid as the woman in the vid, so we were/are all screwed.

Highmesa said...

I got to know Adam a bit back when he lived in Santa Fe, and when we tried to get him into congress (and failed miserably). I think the Republicans here were more scared of him than the Democrats. They ultimately nominated some religious-right chuckle head that got slaughtered in the general election by the idiot son of the state's most powerful politician. I still have dreams of seeing his fiery oratory on the floor of the house.

Adam has an amazing ability stay on message while letting other people talk without getting distracted or sidetracked.