Saturday, November 26, 2011

NBA thoughts

It looks like a 66 game season starting Christmas day. I'll be happy to see my Thunder hooping again.

Stern and Hunter aren't winners. This deal went down very badly and they repeatedly looked bad in the process.

The players aren't really losers. They will still be making a lot of money and earning a fair amount of economic rents.

Jeffrey Kessler is a big loser. His way (lawsuits) got pushed aside, another voice (Jim Quinn) was brought in, and the deal accepted appears to be very similar to the one that caused the players to dissolve the union and file lawsuits.

Big time agents are losers. Smaller and shorter contracts mean less in commissions. Less movement of players, no more sign and trades, all will hit them in the wallet. They were strongly against the deal that basically has now been agreed to.

The hardline owners are big winners. If they can't make money now, then contraction would be richly deserved.

Me and LeBron are winners. We nailed the lockout for Grantland, and will be writing more columns for them in the future.

The biggest thing I'm anticipating before Christmas is the amnesty debacle, if it is in the new CBA. That's where teams can pick a player to dump (while having to pay the contract) off their team and get the savings on the new salary cap.

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Anonymous said...

That Grantland article is great! Clear and concise.