Friday, November 11, 2011

Boys Named Sue: Blown Call, Injunction Sought

Here's the story: high school football team denied chance to kick field goal, on what was clearly a terrible call.

The video:

They have a point. But suing? Really? It was 41 yard field goal attempt, in high school. That is not a gimme.

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Tom said...

The bad call was "a tough pill for any teenager to swallow". It was also a "teachable moment." The lesson I had in mind was about sportsmanship, refs not being perfect, living with the rules of the game (ref's decisions being final) even when it seems unfair. The parents involved have a different lesson: when unhappy or just when possible find a way to (a) make lawyers rich and (b) provide another opportunity for a bad call.

P.S. to "Henry" above - did not click your spamtastic link; eat shiat.