Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Your NBAPA / Eurozone deathwatch updates

1. Wow, players now say they'll take 50/50 revenue split (down from 57% in the last CBA) if the league will negotiate some "systems" issues. The owners are saying that unless they take the 50/50 deal currently offered by today, the new offer will be 47% for the players.


While I absolutely hate the way the owners are treating the players here (I was, after all, a member and minor official of the United Electrical Workers), the players are in a weak position. It is rumored that a sizable majority of them would vote yes on the current offer if union officials would allow a vote.

2. Italian bond yields hit 7.6% yesterday. People, Silvio's resignation is not going to make reform any easier or growth any faster. Probably all it will do is make Italy more compliant to the misguided policies of the German and French run EU "braintrust".

Phone call for Spain! Get ready for your closeup.


Anonymous said...

...soon to be workin' at the car wash...

Anonymous said...

It seems the ending will be like the beginning of Sunset Strip. Fatal.