Friday, November 11, 2011

Meme: Koch vs. Soros

How come CG Koch is a bad guy, but G Soros is a good guy? When you look at it objectively, Mr. Koch has done a whole lot of really good things.

Right here in NC, a lot of people have been ugly to Art Pope for supporting right wing think tanks. Like this transparent, ill-informed hack job. (Okay, the picture made me laugh, I liked the picture. But the article is idiotic. Saying Dems have to run against Art Pope? Wow. Hard for Dems to believe the truth, which is most people in NC just don't share their lefty values.)

There are a lot left wing think tanks, you know, supported by public funds. They are called "universities." But again, somehow that's okay, just like Soros gets a pass.

Why do I think that this comparison is a new meme? Two words: Will Wilkinson. King of new memes. Of course, when I looked, I saw this, also. Heee! And then there is this...


JD Cross said...

Pretty funny that in the last panel of the Other98 % cartoon, they call out the Koch's for holding "secret meetings" in Palm Springs. Huh? If the meetings were secret then they and we wouldn't know about them.

Nice post.


Anonymous said...

Munger: I work at a public u; the last thing it is is a left wing think tank. Now, if you were to call my institution a "grant seeking whore," then I could get on board. Or, even better, note that it is a place where "pimp administrators whore out faculty to obtain grants to pay administrators' salaries," then I'd have a hallelujah for you.

Yeah, they're still some lefty bores across the university. But come on-we're pretty much devoted to getting tuition and grant dollars now as a goal in an of itself. I know-off topic from your post-sorry.