Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KPC Summit: Angus on Monetary Policy

Last outside speaker for my "Econ for Non-Majors" course tomorrow (syllabus here):  Angus himself!

The course has been very fun to teach.  Just started it up (this is the second time around), and it has  80 students in the second semester.  (That's a pretty big class for Duke....)  The "real" sciences all have courses for non-majors, and I have noticed that a lot of students duck Econ because it has too much math.  But it's REALLY important (or so Angus insists).

I'll post the four podcasts (John Lewis, Classics; William Gradison, US House and PCAOB; Timur Kuran, Economics; and Kevin Grier, Economics) next week.  They were all REALLY good, and I'm sure Angus will be the cherry on top of my sundae of life, as always.

(Angus is flying in tonight.  A little trouble, though, because Ms. Angus screwed up his reservations.  Okay, no she didn't:  Angus got a little confused about the admittedly complex concepts of "before" and "after."  But it's all good.  The LMM has made a lovely gluten-free chocolate cake in anticipation of arrival d'Angus)

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Angus said...

I actually QUADRUPLE booked myself for today!!

Tell the LMM I look forward to cake for breakfast Wednesday morning!