Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Markets in everything: Dali Lama doody edition

yes, that is a statue of the Lama pooping! Caganers are Catalan Christmas favors. More here.


Anonymous said...

Obviously Spain's secret weapon to export the S out of PIGS.

Any insights on the cultural significance of this?

Anonymous said...

Poops in public like a OWS vagrant.

Hasdrubal said...

Hadn't seen the Dali Lama, but there were plenty of poopin Obamas and Queens the last time I was in Barcelona. And the ubiquitous banners and signs reminding people that poooping in public would land you in jail.

The little characters have a story, something about going along with nativity scenes or the like. [Un?]fortunately I was paying much more attention to the "scenery" and didn't catch much of the explanation.