Sunday, November 06, 2011

D-Boo Deals

I think D-Boo pretty much p'wns this guy. But to be fair the other guy appears to be an idiot.

Still, give credit where credit is due: Donald Boudreaux, we salute you! Grow on, you crazy China! I would like for all of us to be rich, NOT for the US to be dominant.


Chris said...

Wow, that guy went from extremely calm to pyscho-ballistic outta nowhere. Wooo!

"I don't wanna live like a Chinese, I don't like them! Also, I'm an asshat. Let's condemn a billion people bc I'm an idiot"

Pelsmin said...

I watched this with the wife last night and we thought of you, Dr. Mike. Stossel looked like he didn't want the slaughter to continue. The Dork even fell for the commodities sucker's bet, which he apparently was unfamiliar with. Stossel's blog says they locked in the details of the $5K bet after taping: Oil, gas, copper, iron and potash. BTW, Stephen Leeb has BA from Wharton in Econ, MA and PhD from U Illinois in Mathematics and Psychology. He's not an idiot, but he is a fool.
I have long shared D-Boo's view towards China; capitalism and democracy share the same core value; individuals deciding what is in their own self interest and pursuing it. Once you open that valve, it's hard to close it. China, once the government is overtaken by the people, will be a competitor, not an enemy.