Sunday, November 13, 2011

Satire? One hopes

Why would D. Kos give space to this.... writer? Check this out.

Money quote: "While Communists are certainly responsible for more deaths and misery than the Nazis could ever dream of, at least their intentions were good, so I'll give them a pass." Well. Well, well, well.


Dustin said...

It is part of a Kos member's "Diary." Read it and follow the links. I don't think it is what you think it is. Seems to me to be some form of satire. The article complains about "teabaggers" but the video and all the links are about Occupy Wall Street.

Dustin said...

Of course I didn't read the title. If I did I would have seen that you already suspect it is satire.

Dave said...

Satire or not, if you read some of the comments it gives you a pretty good indication of what the average D Kos reader thinks... i.e. The USSR was Stalinist, not Communist... communism is great.. it will happen one day without repression (how does that even make logical sense?)