Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sure, They Voted for Buchanan, But They Meant "Gore"!

Typo leads to wrong candidates election...

DERBY, Conn. (CBS Connecticut/AP) — A typo has led to the election of the wrong man to a finance board in Derby.

James J. Butler was the highest vote-getter, winning 1,526 votes for the 10-member Board of Apportionment and Taxation, which oversees the town’s finances.

However, his father, 72-year-old James R. Butler, was nominated by the Democratic Town Committee for a second, two-year term.

The News Times of Danbury and New Haven Register report that James R. Butler says his 46-year-old son is not interested in politics or serving in public office.

A reader asks: "Key, Converse, or Downs? Is this evidence in favor of any one of the above theorists? It probably speaks best of Downs considering the line, "'The error was made in the caucus back in July and nobody picked up on it,' she said." I wonder how elite ignorance fits into Downs' theory? Game theoretic irrationality?!"
What I wonder is why Democrats can't come up with a way to proofread ballots. The "butterfly ballot" that cost Algore the 2000 election: Democrats.

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Mike in York said...

People stupid enough to give their sons the same name as them frankly deserve these confusions.

If he had called his son Robert or Tim this problem never would have arisen. That's why we have names - to distinguish us from those around us.

If James Butler Snr is looking for someone to blame, he needs to go no further than a mirror.