Friday, November 04, 2011

Grand Game: Madison Wisconsin ID Edition

I actually can't believe this is true. Which calls out for the Grand Game.

Bars are not allowed to demand valid ID in deciding whether you are of drinking age in Madision, WI.

This is not like voting rights. Even there, I'm not sure that asking for ID is wrong. But at least that is some kind of fundamental right.

There is NOT a fundamental right to drink in a private bar. And the idea that bars would try to discriminate to keep paying customers out, in WISCONSIN, is pretty nuts.

Nod to the Blonde, who at this point is desperately hoping someone will card her...


John Thacker said...

From reading the article, the objection seems to be that the bars will not accept all forms of valid ID; they accept driver's licenses and passports, but not "state identification cards" that some people without a driver's license have.

Even in that case, I think that the bars can have such a policy (which would not be acceptable for voting), but it is I guess a little different.

Brad said...

Jeebus, Munger, the article clearly lays out how the aim of the policy may very well be discriminatory: lots of young African American men have valid state ID cards, but not drivers licences. A policy of accepting one form of state ID over another that clearly affects one group more than others is likely discriminatory. These bars are choosing on their own which forms of valid government-issued identification they will and will not accept.

Anonymous said...

That would explain why the school is usually ranked one of the best party schools in the U.S. of A!