Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things my Provost wants me to know

Apropos of absolutely nothing, the Provost's office emailed me this today:

"Pregnancy is not a disability under ADA unless there are medical complications. For OU employees we have to treat pregnancies in the same manner as we do other temporary ailments, i.e., broken leg or such."

1. I'm pretty sure that i.e. is not the correct pretentious concept here. I believe this is an e.g. situation.

2. pregnancy = broken leg? WTF? Does OU put body casts on all pregnant employees?

3. I need to know this today of all days exactly why?


Anonymous said...

you ignorant sexist, don't you realize that any condition that uniquely affects those of the XX persuasion is more important than any situation that applies equally to XX and XY persons?!

Anonymous said...

Likely trying to recruit more female facility. Was the title of the email: "OU, where equality is enforced (or we'll break your leg mafia style)."


Jon P said...
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Jon P said...

People come back from skiing vacations with all sorts of conditions, e.g. broken leg, pregancy, et al.