Sunday, November 06, 2011

Women Drivers: A Political Test

Women drivers make me nuts.  They are (as a central tendency, obviously with variance) timid and unwilling to drive effectively.  I have spent far too much of my life waiting behind a woman waiting to turn left.  As long as there is a car VISIBLE coming the other way, the lady waits.  If I blow my horn, nothing happens except she totally freezes up.  She may flip me off.  But she won't ever pull out.  (This is safer, in a sense, but it causes accidents all around this island of timid female tranquility)

The LMM agrees that all driving, from taxis to bus driving to personal driving, should be done by men.  We'd all be safer, and less frustrated.

PROVIDED that in exchange we agree that all political offices above, say, state Senate are held by only women.  And in particular those offices where decisions about going to war would be held by women.  Again, we'd all be safer.  The same impulse that makes men better drivers makes them worse decision makers on the whole war thing.

And Condi Rice and Maggie Thatcher don't count.  Give them a driving test.  Unless they DRIVE like women, they don't get to make war decisions.  

(And, yes, of course we jest.  When one controls for other factors, especially for whether the aggressive act is "prosocial," as in the case of war, women are experimentally indistinguishable from men.  And they are better drivers.  Still it was fun.)


Anonymous said...

oh yeah. Scientific feminist hogwash.
When ever did women group together to lethally charge the enemy ?
Even the Russians in WW2 found their range of killing use rather limited. Whatever token acts were carried out.

Barbara H said...

I certainly fit the description of being timid on the left turn when I am driving you around in your car. First, I am driving your car. Second, (but this should be first), you are the one who is going to get hit. The LMM would never forgive me for getting you smashed.

Dirty Davey said...

On that war thing--just ask Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher.

price per head said...

Wonderful post. If only I'd of come across something as wise and straightforward when I was starting out! See you at the reading!