Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal crackers

Actually, I don't think even the Marx brothers could have thought of this, the latest entry in the bad ideas for African development sweepstakes:

JUBA, Sudan – A city shaped like a giraffe? A rhino-shaped town? Even one that looks from above like a pineapple? Southern Sudan has unveiled ambitious plans to remake its capital cities in the shapes found on their state flags, and an official says the government is talking with investors to raise the $10 billion the fanciful communities would cost...

Juba — the capital of Southern Sudan — is to be reshaped into a compact rhino with two pointy horns. The new area will be called "Rhino City."

Officials said the plan would bring order to the city's chaotic layout.

"Juba is made up of slums," said Jemma Kumba, the minister of housing and physical planning.

Detailed architectural drawings of Rhino City show that Central Equatoria's police headquarters would be situated at the rhino's mouth, an amusement park at the ear, an industrial area along the back and residential housing throughout the four legs.

Hmmmm, well I think I know where to put the legislature!

The only good thing I can say about this is that at least it isn't being foisted on Sudan by aid agencies or western celebrities; it's homegrown stupidity for once.

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John said...

I blame SimCity