Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tres coronas!

No one in the National League has won the triple crown since Ducky Medwick in 1937. This year two players have a legitimate shot. One is the incomparable 3 time MVP Albert Pujols, the other is some punk named Votto!

A-Poo is 1st in homers with 33 and 1st in RBI with 92. He's 3rd in batting average at .319.

Votto is 3rd in homers with 29 and 2nd in RBI with 86. He's 1st in batting average at .323.

I'm pulling for Albert, but it could go either way.

Wow, how cool would it be to have a triple crown winner in the NL?


Daniel said...

Joey Votto...the most underated superstar in MLB


Dirty Davey said...

Apparently, the Orioles' Cesar Izturis is last among qualifiers in RBI, next-to-last in HR, and if he can just get his average low enough he'll have a chance at the reverse-Triple-Crown.

Lenin3 said...

I don't know if you follow the Cardinals like Munger does, but Albert has been surging. He is batting around .400 in the past week and has raised his average .025 since the All Star break. His lifetime average is higher than the current average leader, Votto, at .332.

Daniel, you aren't a Reds fan are you?

John Thacker said...

Speaking of surging, the Braves' Omar Infante (and also Martin Prado) both have higher batting averages but not enough plate appearances to qualify... HOWEVER, baseball rules state that if that's the case, you can add 0-fers to someone's stats to get them up to the necessary plate appearance level, and if they STILL lead the league in batting after doing that, then they win the batting title.

Infante could actually do it.

Angus said...

Wow! Albert went 3-5 last night and is now only .001 out of first in BA as well. This is cool!

Daniel said...


Yes...long suffering I might add..