Saturday, August 21, 2010

Epic Boyfriend Fail

The guy got the tickets. He knew it was tough spot. The young lady said, "I'm going to get hit." Candy-ass boy said, "No, honey, I'll catch it!"

Then the ball comes, and he not only ducks, he GETS UP AND RUNS. The ball hits her, hard.

And pussweiler boy is happy that "they" got a baseball. He's grinning. He tells the interviewer he "lost it in the lights." Oh, so THAT'S why he ran squealing, because he didn't see the ball. (Though he does now have a facebook page, with some very racy pictures of his girlfriend Sarah...)

If I did that to the LMM, my ass would be so fried for so long I might as well just kill myself.

I would HOPE I might have done it this way. This guy is a fine demonstration of how you act with a date at a baseball game.

1. Stand up, staying still, placing your body between ball and lady.
2. Lady hides behind you.
3. You catch ball.
4. You hand ball to lady; "Here, my love, I got this for you."

Now, there is another way to do it. Lady brings glove, lady defends self, that's all good. But there should be some agreement in advance. As in fact there was, with Bo the Bailer. He agreed he would be in charge of catching the ball.

(Nod to Angry Alex)


Will Wilkinson said...

"I think she is due a very nice steak dinner..."

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Anonymous said...

Bo the Bailer has been kicked to the curb. Its disintegrated into a pretty ugly post breakup sniping contest.