Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Say hello to my little friend

(as always, click the pic for a more glorious image)

In addition, Gallop polling shows a 10 point lead for Republicans in a "generic" congressional ballot (supposedly the largest such lead ever in a midterm campaign).

Just to be clear, the "friend" in my title is gridlock and NOT the Republicans. If there was a Republican Prez, I'd want a Dem Congress.


David said...

That's almost worth laying money on the Dems at 4:1 with no vig. A lot could happen between now and November. Like the Spawn of Satan busting out of Sarah Palin's belly live on Fox News, for example.

Angus said...

Do you think that event would raise or lower the price of this contract??


aub said...

C'mon, now David. Do you really think Nancy Pelosi busting out of Palin's belly is a likely event?

D said...

Mr. A,

As soon as I typed it, I thought of the same thing.