Monday, August 16, 2010

What We Need is an IDIOT tax

In their effort to improve border security, the Obama admin / Dem Congress has seen fit to find new sources of funding.

So, to finance enforcement efforts against ILLEGAL aliens....

...these half-wits are going to tax LEGAL aliens.

Makes perfect sense, right? Well, except that:

1. These are people with PhDs, advanced skills, highly trained and motivated. In short, exactly the people that even the most xenophobic Americans would likely still admit into the country.
2. These are the people who are trying to do things LEGALLY. They are paying their fees, filling out their paperwork, and standing in line.
3. Could anyone actually believe that raising the cost, and extending the wait time, for legal immigration will discourage illegal immigration?

As always, we make it more difficult to immigrate legally, so that we can continue to encourage illegal immigration, thereby enslaving tens of thousands for the benefit of meat-packing, construction, and agricultural interests. The so-called "border enforcement" will have no impact, because the Dems have no interest in a border control policy.

An idiot tax, even a small one, would raise BILLIIONS, I tell you, BILLIONS. Taxing members of Congress alone would pay for a lot of new border guards.


Jay said...

The good news is that to work for good 'ol American companies like Halliburton, Buwdweiser or Miller people can just go to Dubai, Europe or South Africa (respectively).

This should greatly help stimulate the US economy, as summed up in this bit of economic wisdom: "What's good for the Syndicate is good for everyone, since everyone has a share." (adapted from aforementioned Catch 22)

But seriously.... The development of this feudal mentality that objects to people who want to work for upward mobility while simultaneously blocking downward mobility ("too big to fail") is quite disturbing, and is reminiscent of countries like Burma and Cambodia - where police/military rule all and nepotism rule the police/military. There, the general's rule is definitely king.

It would help a lot if people realized that rises in GDP or stock indices don't (necessarily) mean that the country overall's getting wealthier - sometimes all the gain lands in the Syndicate's pocket.... and the truth is, not everyone has a share, much less an equal share (and some shares come with profit rights, while others come only with bill-paying-"rights"). Anyone know any quick, tactful, effective ways to point this out to people without triggering their brains' off-switches?

Anonymous said...

Idiotic. But certainly a good gig for those outsourcing firms.