Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elizabeth Warren: where are you when I need you?

People, how can you name a movie "The Kids are All Right" when (a) the kids are decidedly NOT all right and (b) YOU DON"T EVEN PLAY THE FREAKIN' SONG?

Despite some good performances, Mrs. A and I were not impressed with the movie. It wasn't really very funny and it didn't seem to me to have any real point, or if it did, it failed to make that point convincingly.

I can't tell if it was a badly done defense of same sex parenting or an attack on same sex parenting.

And the speech about marriage at the end was just lame.

On the positive side, I think I saw a trailer for a movie that supports charter schools! Can this be possible? Was that just a flashback from ancient indiscretions on my part? If real, that's pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

Was the trailer for The Lottery? That one looks interesting and yes it is real.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Superman and The Lottery are two new movies that support charter schools. Kind of exciting. Except, of course, they are already under attack. -MikeMcK

Angus said...

I think it was "waiting for superman". But once again, they DIDN'T PLAY THE SONG!!!

Mungowitz said...

I liked the movie, "The Kids are all right," I have to admit. The LMM, not so much.

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