Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Overtime Party: We lost your paperwork again!

We DO get letters....

From Anonyman:

I've been reading your postings on citizenship issues. And I think I've found a clear method to resolve the debate - have everyone who advocates repealing the 14th amendment go through the citizenship process at CIS (formerly INS).

My wife went to take the citizenship test this morning. After thousands of $s in fees (as this isn't supposed to cost the tax-payer anything) this is about the 25th trip we've made due to unreadable fingerprints (done on the computer, which by definition should be readable), lost forms, incorrect info printed on her green card, interviews, etc.

The first thing the clerk says is that he can give her the test, but canNOT make a determination on her citizenship as CIS has 3 files (for unexplained reasons) on her containing the thousands (literally!) of pages we've submitted to support her application BUT, they can't find any of them. Two are supposed to be in DC and one says it's in Nebraska. So if no one can find them in the next 30 days they'll be declared lost, and then he'll need to make a determination based on the very thin file in front of him.

We were prepared and brought copies of all the vital documents, but he said it would still take at least 30 days as he would need the files to be officially declared lost. I then asked how long would it take from that point for her to be sworn in, and he said they are behind on their processing stats and are starting to work overtime to meet their target by the end of the fiscal year (Oct. 1). So it should be before then, but may be on a Sat. as they are working 14 hour days 6 days a week. Not being able to shut up, I then ask how often this happens and he said last year he was able to buy a new car AND motorcycle based on his overtime for Sept. I was going to ask him if this happens every year, but my wife was shooting daggers and me through her eyes.

We thanked him and got up to leave, and he said he would let us know as soon as they do, or don't, find the three missing files. I then asked if our fees could be refunded if none are found, and he smiled and said no one had ever asked that before.

So, if people really won't to repeal the 14th amendment and have every single person in the US apply for citizenship, I think they process would change a lot of people's minds.

Two lost, one in Nebraska. Once again, for all you half-wits who jabber about the people who "try to do things right," we make it IM. POSS. IBLE. for people to do it right. What part of illegal don't I understand? What part of stupid f*****g law don't YOU understand? The goal of our policy is to make legal immigration hard, and illegal immigration easy, for the economic benefit of corporate interests and the political benefit of xenophobic demagogues. It is the Babtist and bootlegger coalition reborn.


eric said...

The VA is as bad, or worse. N=2

Anonymous said...

What is a BABTIST? You shouldn't post while drunk but considering the other trash on this blog perhaps you have bigger problems. I think I lost some IQ points just reading it

Rick H. said...

11:11 - so brilliant, so incisive. You really dug deep for that one. May I suggest that when pointing out others' typos, you begin to familiarize yourself with punctuation and its role in written communication? There's a good lad.

And don't you worry about those IQ points. Trust me, you're not using them.

Mungowitz said...

"Babtist" is a Texas expression. As in "My lees favrit football team is them Baylor Babtists."

It is not a compliment.