Thursday, August 05, 2010

Basil Marcaeux v. Mungowitz: A Slapdown

Basil Marceaux: The Video

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Oh, no, Basil has achieved self-awareness, of a sort.

Stephen Colbert takes it up.

Of course, if you saw this, you already know.
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Now, one could point out that this is all just sour grapes, since Basil Marceaux is likely to get a higher percentage of the vote than I did, in 2008.

Okay, well, bring it on. I got 2.8% in 2008. If Basil Marceaux beats that today, in the primary...let me ask you, the KPC reader. What should I have to do, what public embarrassment should I suffer, if after making fun of my man Basil he actually does BETTER than I did?

The polls in Tennessee close in 5 hours. Democracy hangs in the balance. Can Mungowitz 2008 beat Marceaux 2010? The voters of Tennessee will decide.

UPDATE: Tennsns must be less sarcastic than I had feared. Basil M got less than 1,000 votes, or about 0.3%. WHEW! I do still think that I will introduce myself as "", so that my website can be

UPDATE II: Oh, no! Basil M came on strong late, in those western precincts. He ended up with 3,500 votes, or 0.5%. Still, that is as nothing compared with my manly 2.8%. WOOT!


David said...

If I didn't make fun of people who do better than me, I'd probably sleep 22 hours a day.

That said, I suggest you have to introduce yourself Mike Munger Dot Com until a Libertarian wins a congressional seat.

Anonymous said...

Surely Angus would get out and vote for him if he lived in TN.

Barbara said...

If you got five minutes on Colbert, I bet you would break double digits.

Tom said...

It's much, much worse than you imagine, Dear Mungowitz -- Bev Perdue did better than you, too.

I grieve not for Mungowitz, but for democracy. It has fallen.