Friday, August 06, 2010

Burned 40 lbs of 'Maters

We got two boxes, 20 lbs each, of lovely Roma tomatoes.

I cored them, scalded them, let them cool, skinned them, and mashed them up a bit in a giant stock pot.

Seasoned with fresh basil, fresh thyme, some oregano, and garlic.

Covered with glass top, went up to bed to make sauce in the morning.

'Cept I left the burner on.

6 a.m.: Smoke, stink, LMM pretty mad at me for almost setting fire to house. And I wasted three hours and 40 lbs of good 'maters. What an idiot.


Tom said...

At least you got a blog post out of it. ;-)

Martin said...

First question: Any pictures?

Second: What would Basil say about this?

Dan said...

Top we come