Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Culture that is Japan

Only in Japan could a zenophobic hate group be named "Citzen's Group That Will Not Forgive Special Privileges for Koreans in Japan".

Their actions aren't as obtuse as their name though:

The demonstrators appeared one day in December, just as children at an elementary school for ethnic Koreans were cleaning up for lunch. The group of about a dozen Japanese men gathered in front of the school gate, using bullhorns to call the students cockroaches and Korean spies.

Their reason?

Well their leader "defended the protests at the Korean school in Kyoto as justified to oppose the school’s use of a nearby public park, which he said rightfully belonged to Japanese children."

And would you like to see what this monster looks like?

Japan is a deeply weird place.


Anonymous said...

Very much so in step with this gem from the Imperial War Museum:

James said...

The writer should have at least mentioned that it was a North Korean Elementary School.