Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cash Boat

When I hear Quantitative Easing 2, of course like many people I think "QE2." (Helicopter Ben will be giving a non-speech this afternoon, from Jackson Hole).

And like many people, QE2 sounds to me like the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Cunard Line cruise ship.

But that makes me think of the "Love Boat." (Only Angus and I would do this; we like to sing, badly and loudly).
So I sang "Cash....Exciting and new..." on the Takeaway radio show this morning.

KPC friend Mark Crain wrote and said he hoped that I had alternative employment lined up, since singing was not going to work out for me. And to warn him next time I was so moved, so that he could avoid that show. Thanks, Mark!

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William Bruce said...

I actually got that reference -- and I am 24. What does that say about me?