Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Win-Win-Win at Chez Angus

Our "putting the cd collection onto a hard drive while retaining great sound" project is going better than I expected. The MacBook - Iomega external drive combo is super quiet. It and our refurbished Wavelength Audio Brick USB dac actually sound notably better than my stand alone CD player ever did, so there's a Win for sound quality.

(Note to the haters out there, I am ripping my cds into AIFF, no compression of any kind. You can clearly hear the difference between Apple Lossless and AIFF on my stereo.)

Plus there is this fantastic iPhone ap called "rowmote" that lets you control iTunes from the phone. The only time I ever have to get up is to adjust the volume on my preamp (I turn all the iPhone and iTunes volume controls to their max and adjust the sound level with the much higher quality attenuators in my preamp). That's a huge win for convenience.

Finally, the ladder-style cd racks in our living room and den are thinning out and even disappearing as we rip the cds to the hard drive. Thats a win for de-cluttering.

I'd like to thank Gordon Rankin of Wavelength for his help and for making such a great product, and also the developer of the rowmote ap.

Now if I could only get Mr. 2T to learn how to rip our cds to the hard drive......

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