Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wired Article: Apps, Not Browsers

The Web is Dead. Long live the Internet.

Two articles. Interesting. Google dies, in this world.

(Nod to Kesav)


Dirty Davey said...

Note that the graph seems designed to be misleading:

Anonymous said...

So, how is "During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times" NOT using the web? Seriously, reading a newspaper online is no longer a web related activity? And Facebook isn't basically doing what Geocities did, only better and offering more services? I can confidently assert that XBox Live and the Playstation Network are incomparably better than MUDs and MUXes, but still fulfill the same role.

Yeah, the technology of networks and computers is changing, allowing us to do new and different things. Terrible, isn't it?

This is kind of like complaining that railroads obsoleted canals. How you get the content, via an "app" or by "the web" is largely irrelevant, it's the fact that you _can_ get the content that you want that's important. Are they really trying to make the argument that "Google can't crawl" Facebook or the New York Times' webpage?