Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tea Party: An Effect

Okay, so I have been saying for months that the Tea Party has yet to have had any noticeable effect. When I ask self-described TPers, they say want change, but then point to support for incumbents or the Republicans in Congress. That's not change.

But, okay, Tuesday we got change. Most noticeably, Joe Miller in Alaska. Dave Weigel asked, in a tweet, "Thinking of the 100 profiles of Alvin Greene that were written while Joe Miller was ignored."

Well, there was no way Joe Miller could win. Except that he did, it appears, though still very close.

I give you....Joe Miller. West Point grad, Yale law, masters in Econ. Considerable experience as a judge at both the federal and state levels. This guy is SO much better than that pirate from a pirate family Lisa Murkowski, in terms of qualifications. Sure, I disagree with him on most things, but there is no question that this is a Tea Party win. So, okay.

Besides, he has 8 kids with wife Kathleen. All the boys have names starting with J, all the girls have names starting with K. At least he didn't name them all "George."

UPDATE: Ha! Weigel is en fuego. I think that is going to leave a mark.


Daniel said...

My question is...why does West Point offer a BS in Political Science..?? I thought it was basically an engineering school.

Chris C. said...

The only debate between Miller and Murkowski was 15 minutes of pure political gold. Miller looks polished, sticks to a vague but strong-worded script, and hammers away at Murkowski. The sitting senator comes off as inarticulate, out-of-touch, and completely befuddled by her opponent. It's better than Kennedy-Nixon.

Even if his policies are on the extreme end of even Tea Partydom, you can't question his competence as a messenger (at least until he tweets a bit too much).