Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Grand Game: Internet Gambling

Lots of good stuff here. Two Words: Barney. Frank.


(Nod to the Chelsea, who is tall, lovely, and smart. Okay, she's not tall.)


REW said...

Amen, I think. As a poker player, this is a great development over the status quo. As a libertarian, I literally shudder to think of yet another part of American life being opened up by the tax and regulatory scalpel of Congress. Anesthesia anyone?

Dirty Davey said...

From the libertarian perspective, is taxed-and-regulated better or worse than banned outright?

Mungowitz said...

Well, Dirty D makes a good point. And the answer is that there are two (at least) "libertarian perspectives." 1. Better that the government ban everything. That way, the revolution will come sooner! 2. Better to legalize, even partially, because any small step toward more freedom is an improvement.

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